Art in the Heart of PDX Scavenger Hunt

Art In The Heart Scavenger Hunt: This project came about during the time I lost my grandmother. It was my way of honoring her by painting the pieces of black women in different forms. Most importantly she was giving and always looked for the opportunity to spread some love. She played such a pivotal role in the start of my art career. Losing her felt like I lost my biggest supporter but if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have the support I do today. So I just wanted to send her a thank you in a sense.
I called on the help of artist @NiaMusiba and @Awake_PDX to make this happen because I believe not only them but their work speaks to and gives voice to communities that need to be heard more. 
The piece of Ella Fitzgerald was painted in Times Square, New York. Being from Portland I think it’s dope to let somebody from Portland get this piece and be able to keep my New York trip alive here in the city that raised me. 

With the help of downtown retailers, we are trying to show portland that there’s still lots to offer down here. I live downtown and a lot of my work thrives off of energy. Just doing what I can to keep people smiling and happy about something.