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“Draw 4”

“Draw 4”

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From the collection “Reflections of Time: A visual journey of the past, present and future.” This series represents the “present” portion of this collection.


Black people and UNO are clearly a match made in heaven. Yes, UNO is an international game. And yes people of all races and whatever possible groupings play this game. Yet, I’m almost sure nobody plays it like we – the Black people – do. And I’m reminded of this fact on a pretty frequent basis. While lots of us don’t play spades and because of all of the hype have no desire to learn, UNO is one that seems pretty universal to us all. 

So, how do YOU play? I stack my Draw-2s and Draw-4s. I didn’t know that you weren’t supposed to do that until one day I actually read the rules in an attempt to prove to somebody else that stacking cards was in the official rules. Silly of me; I was totally wrong, and that’s when I learned that Black rules – or the rules I’ve played with my whole life – aren’t how the game was constructed. It doesn’t get much blacker than that.

until next time, uno!


Stack 4


acrylic on canvas


series of 5

produced in Portland, Or

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